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John Yingling, Susan Kraemer, Vicki Grabrielle-Taylor, Dennis Cook
Greg Steen, Vicki Gabrielle, Susan Kramer, John Yingling
    "I LOVE the Hustle Club dances. I've been going for several years now and from the very first time til now, iI have absolutely enjoyed every minute of dancing to Vicki's wonderful selection of Hustle music!!  The Hustle is by far my favorite dance and no where else compares to amount of continuous Hustle music to get to dance to!! The people are friendly and fun!! And the Hustle lessons are fabulous! From the moment you walk in the energy sweeps you up and you are laughing and smiling all way through the evening. I always leave with a feeling of satisfaction."
thanks Vicki!
Some of our original dancers!
Barbara, Judith, Colin, Vicki, Bill, Laura, Joe, Dennis, Gwen,
Katherine, Susan, Fred
"I do not Hustle but I did attend your club and really enjoyed it.  There was a quick little Jack and Jill that was tons of funs.  The sound system was great, the people were friendly.  The Music was great for doing West Coast swing also so I had a great time. Keep it up!" ~Greg